Awesome posting tips

Sharing rides is a great way to travel and make new friends, but before you jump in car with someone, they've got make sure you and your ride offer/request is a good fit, so here are some tips for writing a great ride offer/request:

Share something personal

Write about yourself, like where you're from, why you're traveling and what kind of person you are, so potential riders will feel comfortable with you. Sharing your age, work and education history in your profile helps too.

Set clear expectations

Do you need a passenger who can drive? Do you hope to blast country music? Discuss renewable energy policy? Or do you prefer to keep it quiet? What's your stance on smokers? How flexible are you with time? Be clear about your expectations for this ride.

Include relevant details

Don't forget anything else that potential riders would want to know! What kind of car are you driving? If your dog is riding shotgun or you're bringing a couple bags or you're only doing drop offs up to a certain location, let your potential riders know upfront.