Ride Offer
Atlanta → Burning Man
Leaving between Sun, Aug 19, 2012 and Tue, Aug 21, 2012
Kerri K is offering 2 seats, $250 per seat
Listed in Burning Man 2012
This will be my 5th Burn! So excited! I've camped with Couchsurfing camp x3 and Tiki Fuckos x1. I'm with Rising Arms this year. I feel so lucky to be able to return home again! I will be volunteering at Medical a few shifts. I am hoping to bring some creations I plan to work on this summer.

I have a Saturn Vue stick shift. If you can drive stick shift, great! I listen to all types of music except hard rap or heavy metal. I believe that whoever is driving gets priority on the music picks. For example, I don't like slow, mellow music when I am driving and tired. I like some country but I like to mix up the genres over the few days. No smoking in my car. I am trying to avoid fast food places except Subway so plan to stop at grocery stores to pick up food for trip. (Plan to have a small cooler accessible on the road.) I will also try to avoid Walmart. I sometimes read when I'm a passenger so don't mind if you do. I even have a few books about Burning Man if you wanted to read them a bit. I love talking about Burns and experiences. If this is your first time, I can give you lots of tips.
I am working on towing an art piece on a trailer but still figuring out the weight and if possible. I have a bike rack with room for 1 more bike and if I tow the trailer, maybe room for more bikes. If I do tow this piece, he will give me some gas money so will make total costs less. I would prefer people that need rides all the way from Atlanta. But could work something out closer to end of August if you only want a pick up along the way and I don't find any GA Burners needing a ride.