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Leaving on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 anytime
sacha h is requesting 1 seat
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Last year I came from New Zealand to go to Burning Man, this year Im coming from Alaska! I hope.... Im looking for a ride AND a ticket. Got my little manifestation finger a-wiggling like mad hoping to win one of the amazing Ridejoys tickets, but also putting it out there - any folks got a spare?
First time to the playa last year, and it blew me apart! The greatest self-destruction and consequent re-build of my life. It hurt, it healed, it marveled, it catalysed, it gave, it took... it has been an amazing year in this new me, and now im ready to go home, go deeper, grow brighter!
If you can help me, I would LOVE to hear from you. Im a flightless wandering Kiwi, burning to love, to create, to know what I dont, to grow in all directions, to burst! I learnt so sincerely last year that the playa provides, so im trusting in the goodness of all you playa babies - maybe i needed to miss out in the ballot so as to completely sidestep that process and get straight to the heart of the sharing co-creation that is the world of the Burn.
I will probably sail to Seattle before the Burn and start heading in the direction, so if you are en-route, see you there!
In abundant trust and joy,