Ride Request
San Francisco → Burning Man
Leaving between Wed, Aug 22, 2012 and Thu, Aug 23, 2012
Alaric B is requesting 2 seats
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Hi there!

My GF and I are looking for a ride to BMan in the early days. We will have to stop by in Reno to pick up our bikes from Kiwani's.

We are both grad students from Montreal, easy-going and fun-loving. We will gladly contribute to gas and one of us has a license so could share driving time if needed. We are members of the Cafe de la Fin du Monde in the French Quarter - come have a cup!

We have to be on playa on Thursday the 23rd since I am the build lead of the Montreal CORE effigy team.

We will be flying in SF on the 18th so we could meet beforehand for last-minute preparations or just a chit-chat and a drink!


Alaric & Justine