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Reno → Burning Man
Leaving on Sun, Aug 19, 2012 in the afternoon, 12pm - 6pm
Heather P is requesting 1 seat
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I'm a creative lady from Chicago, 34, petite, and going to work DPW recycling. I can throw down $$ for gas. I will most likely have two airline trunks and a backpack in tow. I am flying into & out of the central airport, and would really like to grab some foodstuffs at Trade Joe's before hitting the road on the 19th. I can be a bit quiet at first and will likely keep you talking, but will become chattier after I get a feel for the conversation. Or we can just listen to long as it's not hard metal, country or rap, I'm pretty open. I will tolerate light smoking, but I don't smoke. My time is somewhat flexible. Thanks!