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Austin → Burning Man
Leaving on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 anytime
Iris L is requesting 1 seat
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Me and my stuff are looking for a ride. I'm the cool mom you wish you'd had (or so I've been told :) Long-time Flipizen, first-time Burner. I'm 46, going to the playa to find out why i need expectations, just living it. I can carry on a pleasant conversation, drive when it's my turn (auto or stick), and live on the road easily. Most music is enjoyable, have earplugs for the rest. I do smoke, but my life doesn't depend on it. My stuff consists of tent, chair, ez-up, bivy bag of hardware, 2 totes of software, a bike (if possible), a backpack, cooler...and water, of course. I have a car, could drive myself, but think I'd like to share the experience instead. Hope to hear from you, peace!
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