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San Diego → Burning Man
Leaving on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 anytime
Patricia L is requesting 2 seats
Listed in Burning Man 2012
Hello folks! I'm from San Diego (native New Yorker) and hoping to get to the Playa this year on Friday 8/24. I'm very friendly, helpful, down to earth, flexible, I'm open to driving some of the way (I can drive manual or automatic). I *must* ride in a non-smoking vehicle, due to an illness related to smoking. I have an early arrival pass secured. I'm a small woman (110 lb) with a fair amount of camping gear, including a large Kodiak tent, bike, 10x10 shade structure, some rugs, 2 coolers, and a few bags of other personal items and "costumes". This will be my 4th Burn.
I'm pretty flexible when it comes to music, and I like various topics of conversation. Still, I'm totally okay with keeping it Zen on the ride!
As for the ride home, I'm ideally hoping to leave the Playa on Sunday morning, before or around sunrise. Otherwise, I'd rather stay until Tuesday. I'm flexible on this... these are the best ideas I can offer if we don't want to be stuck in hours and hours of mass exodus. My camp is Pink Heart, located at around 8:45 & Esplanade.
I'm also open to a one-way ride, either there or back! Happy Packing Everyone!! <3