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Los Angeles → Burning Man
Leaving on Wed, Aug 15, 2012 anytime
Marko v is offering 7 seats, $150 per seat
Listed in Burning Man 2012
This is a scenic ride with hot springs stops wherever they arise, early departure and late leaving, dates are flexible. The cost is fuel for the round trip or about $150 with 5 riders on board. I prefer the ride to be set up as a round trip. Couldn't figure out how to on this site though.
I can pick you up within a reasonable distance, like LA or Orange County in general.
The ride is a fifty year old fire truck that a long time ago has been converted into a self contained motor home (aka. Van Camper). It is slowish albeit technically in good shape, it cruises about 55 mph on a level surface such as the playa floor, but slows down to race gracefully - over miles - a fully loaded Hippie VW van from the 60ies on a hill, so don't be in a rush. The cab up front where it's got two seats is sort'a noisy and not suitable for long conversations. The back, the RV part, is further away from the noize and has it's own MP3/CD stereo, bathroom, kitchen, and room for six+ or so peeps.
The only cost sharing I ask for is the fuel which will run about 200 gallons round trip divided by the riders.
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I have an early entry pass for my self and am working a ranger shift the day before the gates open. I can change that however or just leave the RV with the group and let you all come in in the RV by yourself.
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