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Denver → Burning Man
Leaving between Mon, Aug 6, 2012 and Tue, Aug 7, 2012
Melissa F is requesting 2 seats
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Hey hey hey! Two gals here, 24 and 23, a virgin (writer) and a second-timer (photographer). Our hearts have wings and they're all aflutter for the playa, but we're flightless birds, I tell ya.

Three of my most surreal stories have been published through small, independent presses. Even my twisty, bizarre imagination cannot FATHOM the things this experience will inspire in my writing!!! My photographer friend is a cat-lover and booty-shaker. She has some gorgeous shots of last year's Burn, and I am GLOWING to see with my own eyes the world she captured. Sometimes I can already smell the cracked earth while I sleep, hear the dust storms threatening to sweep me off my feet...

CARGO, ideally: two bikes, a monkey hut, two bags of clothes, one cooler, tent. Can shop for food and water in Reno or have it ready before the trip, whatever's convenient for you. We can forego the bikes and monkey hut if they just won't fit :)

OFFERING: Great driving records and gas money! Can split the cost of renting a trailer or pay for it entirely if you don't need it yourself (or not get one at all and leave the more cumbersome items at home). Scrumptious treats and frosty beverages, bright attitudes... We can help ya load/unload and set up camp.... Chat, laugh, love, light re so very flexible and giving.

Departure and return dates at your convenience, driver. We look forward to meeting and making each other smile :)
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