Ride Offer
Auburn → Burning Man
Leaving on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at night, 6pm - 12am
Hector H is offering 4 seats, $100 per seat
Listed in Burning Man 2012

My name is Hector. This will be my 5th year. I'm hoping to find a few people to ride share on a few different trucks we will be driving. We don't need you to drive. Splitting the gas is all we ask. $100 is a rough estimate. Going one way, may require 2 fill ups. Just to let you know, we are taking full size trucks hauling heavy loads. We would prefer non smokers, as we won't be making pit stops for smoke breaks, or allow smoking in the vehicles. The easiest way to link up is very close to I-80. We have trailers that are difficult to maneuver around surface streets. One last thing, obviously by the dates this is early entry. So you must have an early entry pass.

Thanks )'(