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San Francisco → Burning Man
Leaving between Wed, Aug 22, 2012 and Thu, Aug 23, 2012
Emma N is requesting 1 seat
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Hi there ride joy lovers!

I am defiantly equiped with a ticket and ea pass. I am showing up and working my ass off for a few different art projects my theme camp the french quarter and my main group the volunteer resource team for the org. I am also meeting my dad on Friday and building a hexayurt for my moms first burn! Woot.

Will have a large backpack (not full size hiking but med size) and one small duffle. I will want to stop and get one or two 2. Gallon waters and some bread and peanut butter for Sammie's if you do a Reno stop but I can get that before if not. I have more stuff and water meeting me out there with my gear.

My twist? I fly into sfo wed and if i go out wed night am wanting to leave the city around 9 or 10pm and drive through the night. I am happy to drive. I can drive van's trucks Manual and auto you name it...

I could also leave early or mid day Thursday and be fine for time.

What is your timeframe and would I fit?