Ride Offer
Seattle → Burning Man
Leaving on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 in the afternoon, 12pm - 6pm
Jacob M is offering 2 seats, $155 per seat
Listed in Burning Man 2012
Ranger and Ranger Widow heading to BRC on Thursday the 23rd for Friday arrival. We tend to listen to chill music or books while we drive. We should have enough cargo space for a bike and a couple of bins for everyone on board. We'll likely stop in Bend or Longview for last supplies. Tell us when you have to pee and we will stop, price is estimated fuel cost for the round trip. We plan to head back to Seattle after the Temple burns. Sadly, if you can't be on time, we can't wait for you :(.

That said, we're rockin' to have an awesome year, come with! :)
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