Ride Request
Oakland → Burning Man
Leaving between Thu, Aug 23, 2012 and Fri, Aug 24, 2012
Jesus- M is requesting 1 seat
Listed in Burning Man 2012
I'm part of the Black Rock Roller Disco crew, baby!!!

Who am I? What am I like? Look on facebook. I'm smart, considerate, open, practical, calm, thoughtful, and usually jump in to help when I see something worth doing.

Would want to stop (e.g. in Reno or Fernley) for additional food, water, ice. Could stop on way back.
I'm easy to please, musically, so we could play what you want - or chat, or chill.
I dislike tobacco smoke.
I have a ticket.
I have an early arrival pass valid starting Thursday the 24th and you should have one too.
I can get my stuff to/from your bay area location! (I'm in Oakland, near MacArthur Bart; I could (just barely) cram my stuff (mostly plastic boxes) into my 2000 VW Beetle and drive solo, but I'd rather not.) My camp is conveniently located at 7:30 on the Esplanade. I have a bike - and a bike rack if needed.

You are sexy, brilliant, fascinating, hilarious, and flying to BRC... ok, I can dream! Seriously, I hope you're fun, considerate, communicate well, sane, and have a vehicle for our stuff!
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