Ride Offer
NJ → Burning Man
Leaving on Wed, Aug 21, 2013 anytime
Carolina P is offering 6 seats, $300 per seat
BURNING MAN SEASON is here!!! We're gearing up to get going in our phat ass RV called "Big Rhonda" We're painting her with Chalkboard paint, sprucing her up and getting ready for an epic trip across country to make it to Burning Man! We will be stopping in San Francisco just before the burn if you need a ride there instead! As for right now if we have 5 total people we will be paying about 700 a person to get across so we want to lower that cost and add some more people because we've got plenty of space to share and sleeping places as well. We're a bunch of 20 somethings from all different parts. A Chilean, a few new jerseyians, some californians and a vermonter!