Ride Offer
San Francisco → Burning Man
Leaving on Sun, Aug 25, 2013 anytime
Carolina P is offering 1 seat, $50 per seat
UPDATED: BURNING MAN SEASON is here!!! We're gearing up to get going in our phat ass RV called "Big Rhonda" to BLACK ROCK CITY. We've assembled a badass crew from east coast to Rhonda and to be honest we were more interested in those coming from east coast so we could minimize our costs. We've filled most of those up now but we do have ONE!! spot open for someone from SF. I've gotten so many requests from SF but I couldn't really reply yet because I wasn't sure if we actually had space for anyone yet. However, WE DO! For ONE person because we have to keep it legal. That will bring our crew to 10! As for money, we will probably ask for somewhere between 30-60 bucks. We will have to figure this out when we get closer but I won't charge more than that.

So alas, I'm sorry for not being in touch but now I have a better idea and we are looking for that last person to ride with us. We also want to find someone that is full of energy and ready to make that last leg with us. We have a few questions for you to answer if you're interested and I'm looking for someone that really jumps out to me. We want this to be an experience...not just a ride. We want people who want to be part of this experience :)

Simple and funky questions!
For Burners...
1. Do you have a playa name? What is it?
3. What's the strangest thing you've ever found in the deep playa?
3. Why are you going to Burning Man?

For everyone...
1. How important is silence on the road to you?
2. What sort of luggage do you plan on bringing?
3. Music question from the Captain: Fuck, Kill, Marry. Out of all the artists/bands in the world, which would you Fuck, Kill, Marry. (We don't condone killing in any way).
4. Fill in the blank: Mustache is the Man as _____ is to woman.

Send me a creative message and I'll reply asap!

This ride is closed to new requests.