Ride Offer
Burning Man → New York
Leaving between Mon, Sep 2, 2013 and Thu, Sep 5, 2013
Señor S is offering 5 seats, $225 per seat
$200 per person, each way.* $400 round trip. Includes up to 30 cubic feet of luggage.

Vehicle is an extended Ford E350 van, which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 passengers on a cross country trip.

The advantage of driving is transportation door to playa for you & all your supplies & equipment. Arranging a ride from Reno can cost $100+, each way. So, your choice which you'd prefer.

When responding, please answer the following questions:

1) Where you are leaving from?

2) Do you have a valid drivers license?

3) Do you want round trip, or one way transportation?

4) What is your phone number?

Departure tentatively scheduled for afternoon / evening, Thursday, August 22, 2013. Driving continuously, the trip will take approximately 50 - 60 hours, with arrival on Playa projected very early Sunday, 8/25/13.

There will be about 12 stops along the way, terminating at Fallon, NV for supplies & showers at the trucker stop before heading up.

There will be smoking on this trip.

Drivers are expected to know the rules of the road & obey all traffic laws. I want this to be a smooth trip, traveling swiftly, quietly, & inconspicuously through the night. That means no speeding, always use turn signals & if you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, you must switch to the inside lane, if possible. If we get pulled over while you're behind the wheel, & you get a ticket, it's your responsibility.

The following must be communicated up front so there is no confusion, and you may interpret from the tone how serious I take this matter.

There will be absolutely NO drugs or illegal contraband of any type permitted in the van. If there is any way a nasty cop might be able to interpret an item as illegal, don't bring it. That means no prescriptions that don't have your name on the bottle, no weed grinders, no pipes of any kind. I don't care if it's your grandpappys corncob pipe he carved in 1837. Just don't bring it. Even if you roll your own cigarettes, it would be better not to bring that. Just buy a pack of whatever for the ride & you can get papers & tabacci out there. If you're diabetic & have syringes, you're going to have to bring a note from your Doctor.

If I catch you with drugs, we're pulling over immediately & you will have the choice between discarding it, or getting out. Doesn't matter if it's 200 miles to the next town, neither I, nor the rest of the passengers are going to risk arrest or jail because you brought something illegal along.

If you do bring drugs along & we're pulled over & cops are able to get a warrant (I'm not letting them in without one), you are expected to stand up & take responsibility for what you brought. If they have a warrant & are searching the van, they're going to find it. They're trained for this sort of thing. So in the unfortunate event this scenario occurs, you keep your mouth shut until they have a warrant and are in the van. Then you open your mouth and say: "Hey, I've got XYZ. You can let everyone else go. I am not a selfish, degenerate scumbag who will let 5 innocent people get arrested because I made a stupid decision". It is hard core fucked up to let anyone else suffer severe consequences for your choices.

* Rate is for fuel & miscellaneous maintenance items that will be required (oil change + fuel, air & oil filters for a 7.3L diesel engine).
Amenities_sm_no_drugs No drugs
Amenities_sm_aaa AAA member
Amenities_sm_cargo Big Cargo Space
Amenities_sm_ac Air Conditioning
Amenities_sm_other Other