Ride Offer
Burning Man → Portland
Leaving on Thu, Sep 5, 2013 anytime
Hjeron O is offering 4 seats, $150 per seat
I'm driving my full sized RV schoolbus /circus tourbus ( to the burn.
We have lots of room for an amazing adventure to nevada.This will be my 6th burn, all of them with my bus.We are leaving from Portland Saturday the 24th morning

We plan to Camp Saturday night (around ashland or mount shasta) we will shop at the shopping cart in ashland (an amazing and cheap organic grocery store) and get our water at the springs in shasta) with plans to be there Sunday for midnight opening.
We have a good sound system, a cozy couch and giant bed, with a kitchen
table and roof space for water and some bikes.

$150 person each way.

We plan to leave Tuesday the 3rd from the playa to avoid the exodus craziness, stopping at a lake (or hotspring) to swim and decompress for an afternoon and then heading back to Portland for sept 4th or 5th

This is a super fun ride and a great adventure to the playa! Especially for first time burners. This will be the busses 6th trip to the playa and it's always a blast!!