Ride Request
Berkeley → Burning Man
Leaving between Mon, Aug 20, 2012 and Wed, Aug 22, 2012
Keith L is requesting 2 seats
Listed in Burning Man 2012
BM Rangers with early entry. Camping at 4:59 - A-B, and at 5:29 and B-C, have a Hexayurt (8'x6'x 22") that weighs nothing but takes a lot rectangular of space, best rides on its edge but have transported it laying flat with stuff piled on top, too (has a protective thin plywood cover), plus 4 Rubbermaid tubs. Of course we'll help with gas & driving. Prefer departing Tuesday the 4th and avoiding the exodus.

PS: the Hexayurt might only be coming back, having its own separate travel plans to the playa.

Oswego & MisConduct