The site was fun, simple and effective - everything I want a website to be! Plus we ended up meeting some lifelong friends so THANK YOU!!!!!
— Kimara B.
Ridesharing is a tangible way of making the world a better place. I rode from Portland to Seattle with Ridejoy. It was great! Your site is awesome, I will tell everyone about it. You have the right idea - keep on sharing!
— Mimosa A.
I was driving SF to LA for the weekend, so I tried Ridejoy and easily found three great people. Great conversation, was introduced to some cool new music, and my riders covered the gas. Perfect!
— CJ W.
It was great to have someone to share the ride and driving with, especially heading home to Seattle. I found an unexpected friend in my rideshare and we plan to keep in touch.
— Leanne T.
My ride went great. I rode down there with a friend of mine and two other guys I hadn't met before, and of course we all talked about startups and technology. I liked the fact that your site shows my mutual friends with the driver. I realized we had a mutual friend and it was interesting to hear how they met.
— David C.
The trip went really well. I happened to get a ride from someone who went to the same, very small, college as I did. It was a great ride down followed by a fabulous weekend on the rocks at Joshua Tree. I was impressed with how you compile possible ride matches for people. The person I drove with was going to AZ yet my listing popped up for him, which I much appreciated. I will pass the word around for your new route, I might even take advantage of it myself. Thanks!
— Robyn B.
I've been ride sharing for years but it's a lot of work to coordinate and people sometimes flake. Ridejoy is a total blast. I was driving to LA and you helped me find some really cool people to ride with. There's literally no reason not to use this!
— Ryan M.
Ridejoy worked out fantastically! I love browsing all the different places I can go and ended up taking a last minute trip to visit my sister. It was tons of fun meeting new people on the ride. I hope to use Ridejoy again soon!
— Sue-Ting C.
AMAZING! The site works wonderfully and does exactly what I want in a rideshare site. I picked up two of the coolest people ever!
— Tyler S.
I had four riders with me and this is the first time I've ever picked up a stranger. I had so much fun getting to know people from different walks of life!
— Heather M.
It was so easy. I reached out to a couple of people and there we were happily sharing gas and other costs, reducing our carbon footprint. Beautiful. Thanks so much!
— Scott S.
Ridejoy is great! I had to get to LA from Portland and wanted to rideshare with some cool people. Because of Ridejoy I ended up with a full ride, we all chipped in and had a great time!
— Skyler C.
I was looking for someone to drive my car to LA from SF and came across Ridejoy. Everything worked out great. Really nice girls and they brought the car where it needed to go. We both did each other a huge favor. They were grateful for the ride and I was thrilled not to have to drive it myself and fly home.
— Madeline R.
Solo road trips bore me to tears, but thanks to you guys I found a passenger (and made a friend) on my Thanksgiving drive from SF to LA and back. The time flew quickly thanks to the great conversation, easily making it the most enjoyable road trip I've ever taken! I'll definitely be using Ridejoy for all future car trips.
— Michael R.
I was driving from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area, and jumped on Ridejoy just 48 hours before my trip. I found a local passenger who pitched in for gas and filled my ride with interesting conversation until I dropped him off at his destination 3/4 of the way there. The experience was great.
— Seth N.
Doing long solo journeys is GRUELING but Ridejoy makes it way nicer and helps offset the cost of gas. Whenever I'm driving to LA to see my girlfriend, I just pop a ride on Ridejoy, and discover the ridesharing community. I've met some amazing people that I wouldn't have connected with under any other circumstance. It's wonderful, really.
— Abel L.
I used Ridejoy with a friend of mine to travel from Berkeley to Park City during my last visit in the USA. Thank you for everything - the simple and seamless online experience, the nice trip and the friends I made along the way!
— Simon P.
Just a note to tell you that your service kicks major ass. Not only did I have a smooth and comfortable trip, I made a new friend and your site was so clear about what is expected from both the passenger and the driver that my elderly mother who worries about everything was at ease with me using this service. I understand her concern: I'm a single, not too bad-looking, pregnant female with a lot to lose if I hop in a car with the wrong person. So... thanks. Thanks for dotting all the i's and crossing the t's for me!
— Monica T.
Both of my the ride sharers pulled through. We stayed on schedule and they actually payed a bit more than I asked for, which was really nice. We shared a lot of stories, and various thoughts regarding topics like families and education. Its always so nice to get a new perspective and connect with people you normally might not. We are all in very different phases in our lives, but we all had so very much in common. I think this commonality really helped us ground out, and we all know how important that can be while traveling.
— Jacqueline R.
Ridejoy was fantastic! I was driving from DC to DE anyway, and just thought why not see if anyone else needs a ride. Found the site, found some people who needed a ride, and now I've got some great new friends!
— Evan S.
It was awesome running across this website. It got me to where I needed to go and let me tell you, traveling with a big dog has not been the easiest. You found me a ride, and now my dog and I are now safely at our destination in Arizona! So thanks again, Ridejoy and thanks to you, Debbie for taking us along on your roadtrip, you guys all rock!
— Crystal J.